Friday, August 14, 2009


North Texas 23: A roundup of Web 2.0 was a good learn experience for me. My favorite thing was playing with the photos and watching the video/audio cast. My least favorite thing was having to join all the different programs. Once the class is over going back and deleting all the accounts. I am not sure which new technologies we will use for our library. Since some on the site are block already through our IT department. One of the challenges I had was not being able to open some of the programs. I have learn a lot from this program. I am one of those who left there comfort zone and learned about new technology.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 23 things

I think by putting following tags on facebook, twitter, and the other social websites helps both promote the library put also the college. Using podcast and youtube are good ways to put short assistance videos/audios on how to use certain thinks in our library. Currently we have a live chat program where patrons/public can ask up for help through an instant message program. If a library uses all these technologies I think it would start to be overwhelming.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Podcast are pretty cool to use in a library. ASU did a great job using podcasts to teach patrons different parts of the library. One use would be how to show patrons how to use the online catalog. Plus, if someone misses a presentation they can listen to the podcast. The audio quality was very good. I would incourage a library to podcast.


I did a search on academic libraries. My two favorites are the "angry librarian" and "behind the scenes- technical services." The angry librarian to me seemed like a training video on what not to do. the Behind the scenes was a more informative way of let people now what goes on behind the scenes in a library. One video could be used a a customer service training aide and the other to inform the public.

Google Docs

One bad thing about google docs is that all the people you want to share the document with must have a google account. This would be a good site for professors. They could have there students submit there paper through this. That way the teacher is not stuck with several copies and the students can easly fix their papers. Plus, look at all the trees we would be saving.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wikis are good sites to look up information. I would not use one for a major research project. Just looking at how many times an article has been revised is a good indicator. In the wetpaint site I am having problems finding my new pages I added.


Our library internet would not allow us to access libworm. From what I read it looks like this site could be a good tool to use for training. This was one site I was looking forward to looking at. :-(